Sunday, May 9, 2010

I went to TCAF today, and had an absolutely amazing few hours there. I met so many of my favourite webcomic artists, made a total creep of myself in front of Erika Moen, and chatted with Jeph Jacques and Joey Comeau. Pretty much the best ever. I spent far more money than I should have, though. I thought of you when I saw a few stalls or pieces of art, and that made me sad. I ran into a girl from high school while I was there. It was strange: I rarely--if ever--talked with her, and yet she greeted me with a big hug. I didn't mind too much though.

Afterwards I went to see Iron Man 2 with Ellie, Tron and Buckley. It was a fantastic movie, and I was having a great time up until we parted ways, and Ellie passed me the bag that she'd been carrying around the whole time. It was all of my things that you'd had. Then I got to spend the next 20min with Buckley on the subway, trying not to dwell on the fact that you'd officially rid yourself of the last remnants of me. I think he's a little upset by this; of everyone, it seems that he's weirded out by going out as a group and you not being there (when I plan things). He hasn't said anything, though, and neither have I.

Tomorrow I'm headed up to Hamilton for Mother's Day. I just finished up my present to mum; I made her a necklace she'll probably never wear, but whatever. I wish I could wish your mum a happy mother's day; she was so good to me. I'm kind of mad at you for taking that away from me. I had a family here. Now I don't.

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